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Returns Information

Cengage Learning accepts up to 100% returns on qualifying product. Returns should be shipped prepaid by traceable means to the following address:

Cengage Learning Distribution Center
10650 Toebben Dr
Location 2
Independence, KY 41051

Phone: 1-800-544-0550
Fax: 1-859-647-4599

(NOTE ON RETURN ADDRESS: Cengage Distribution Center relocated three years ago to the above address.
RETURNS sent to the former location will be refused by the new owners of that building and returned to the store. )

For Business, Industry & Government:

Effective July 1, 2015, Active product may be returned to Cengage Learning Inc. up to 12 months from the invoice date. For any Software, the seals must not be broken, with the exception of 30 day reviews which may be received back within 45 days with broken seals.

For Retail Bookstores:

Effective July 1, 2015, Active product may be returned to Cengage Learning Inc. up to 12 months from the invoice date. For any Software, the seals must not be broken.


Returns are allowed for products bought directly from Cengage USA. Product purchased from overseas and returned to the Cengage Distribution Center will be refused back to the customer and no credit will be issued.

Superseded or out-of-print product must be returned within 120 days of publication of the new edition or within 120 days from the date of notification in the Bookseller's News. All books must be returned in saleable condition. Returned books and software should be shipped prepaid by traceable means. Also, to ensure proper credit, each carton should be accompanied by a packing list indicating the quantity and title(s) returned and must include the original invoice.

Custom-published titles carry a returns limit of 20% of the quantity ordered and must be returned within 12 months of the invoice date. All bundles must be in their original unbroken shrink-wrap.

Defective product must have prior authorization and must follow the returns instructions given.

For Damaged product, you must notify Cengage Learning Inc. within 90 days of receipt to receive authorization. Then you will have 90 days from date of letter to make any returns.

Counterfeit product is ineligible for return credit. Product returned to Cengage and found to be counterfeit will be destroyed.

Credit for Returns:

We will match invoices for returns back to the individual account (the "ship to" account) based on its historical purchases. If that amount exceeds the individual account's purchases we will match the invoice back against the total historical invoices within the customer's family of accounts (based on "bill to" account, including any other ship to accounts associated with it). Returns that cannot be matched against invoices within the family of accounts will not receive credit.

How to Return:

In order to ensure accurate processing of returns and timely crediting of accounts, Cengage Learning requests that customers include a packing slip in each box of their returns. Customers should number each box (i.e., 1 of 4, 2 of 4, 3 of 4, 4 of 4).

Cengage Learning takes great care in packing shipments and we expect customers to handle their returns similarly. In order to prevent damage in transit, items returned to Cengage Learning must be packed as Cengage does in cartons of at least 275lbs. test for larger boxes and 200lbs. test for smaller.

Product must also be packed with sufficient and appropriate packing material. Cengage will provide full credit for stock received in mint resalable condition. The definition of mint is a new appearance inside and out with no bent covers, no scuffmarks and nothing shelfworn. If an item returned to Cengage is not in mint condition as described herein, it will be sent back to the store at the store's expense and credit will not be issued.